The declaration of self-discipline

Getting started with a diary, or a blog, seems to be a task being procrastinated for a period of like, forever. Plus, to a person like me, one of the things I have to struggle to do in this blog is to not talk about BS like the 30 days habit forming or some other motivational facts which most of people have not experienced. So this blog actually poses a pretty tough mission for me: can you write something meaningful without being all academic-like or just simply boring to hell? However, this question now makes the title of this post sort of a paradox. To become self-disciplined not to be dull? WTF?

I have to admit, that I am being very utilitarian about starting this blog. I want to write something, and possibly make it valuable in such a way that I can start my own column in some platforms. This blog may become the draft platform that stores valuable thoughts and incubate slowly into meaning combinations.

This requires discipline, and I want to continue to do this. So, I here declare:

I, Sen Wang, put my post here to declare, that from today onwards, I would have an article posted here on this blog. Information will be multi-media, and interesting issues will be included. I will never abandon this blog and will be honest with it.

So, for today, here is one thing to say.

Youtube video: The surprising habits of original thinkers by Adam Grant. URL:

Adam states that procrastination at a healthy extent could improve creativity, and this habit is commonly shared by original thinkers in the past. In addition, repetition is important, meaning quantity of work. This idea corresponds with the ideas from the book Mind for Numbers by Barbara Oakley. Allowing ideas to incubate after knowing the context, then ideas will flourish.


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