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Physicist’s view on Darwinian evolution

Evolution isn’t gravity. In order to grasp the seemingly random changes, limit theorems are employed to provide insights on the distribution of fitness. This blog is amazingly stimulating, but really hard to understand for now.

guest post by Matteo Smerlak Biologists like Steven J. Gould like to emphasize that evolution is unpredictable. They have a point: there is absolutely no way an alien visiting the Earth 400 million years ago could have said: Hey, I know what’s gonna happen here. Some descendants of those ugly fish will grow wings and […]

via Statistical Laws of Darwinian Evolution — Azimuth

Doing Business in China is not scary

I particularly adore the strong drive behind this girl with no regard for other people’s thoughts on China. Fair comments and no bias. I can see why she is successful. Interesting read.

For better or worse, I was raised in the South; Georgia to be exact… I love my biscuits and gravy with a large helping of grits, and it is that Southern grit that first brought me overseas when I started my previous company, Incoqnito, and went to China alone to get my products prototyped and […]

via Ti Chang on Manufacturing in China as an American Designer —